Tery and Jerry Nicholson moved to Middleton Idaho in 2005, intitially raising all natural grass fed beef, honey, a few laying hens and a large family garden.

After retiring from nearly 30 years in High Tech we thought a more sustainable crop was needed to round out  our "retirement".  After much prayer, a desire to use our 5 acres wisely and research we decided Aronia berries best fit our final desire to contribute to helping others through providing a beneficial product. 

In the fall of 2012 we started My Fathers Farm LLC and planted our first 1.5 acres of Aronia Berries in the spring of 2013.  2.5 acres were added in the spring of 2016.  We were granted an Organic Certification by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture for our 2016/17 harvest.

Yields and quality have improved each year and we look forward to providing heathy organic food products for the public. 

See a video of our farm here   KTVB Channel 7 News